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Virtual Memorials

Virtual Memorials are a way to celebrate the lives of loved ones by creating a digital memorial online that can be viewed anywhere, at anytime on the World Wide Web. Unlike traditional newspaper obituaries, you have the ability of choosing the photographs and message that will become the Virtual Memorials even add video or audio to accompany it.

Rebate System

Virtual Memorial packets are sold through a partnership between your organization and Windy Prairie. Rebates from the sale of Virtual Memorials can be used to sponsor a Web site designed by Windy Prairie, to raise money for your organization or to purchase improvements for the local cemetery. To read more about the community partnerships, click here. To view a Virtual Memorial you've already purchased, look at our Virtual Memorial Search.

Photos Information

The right side of the Home Screen is dedicated to information about the Memorial which consist of a Slide Show, Dedication Videos, Letters of Support, and News Articles all begin here. The Dedication Videos, Letters of Support, and News Articles can all be changed to fit the specific needs of each individual Memorial.