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Windy Prairie Systems offers three types of Cemetery Directories for individual cemeteries' needs, which can be customized by structures also built by Windy Prairie. Structures are constructed with durable materials, are weather resistant and provide easy access for handicapped persons. Windy Prairie will look at cemetery records, create a list of people and map the cemetery plots to allow visitors to easily find their friends and family. The three general categories of Cemetery Directories are:

Stationary Directories, or Flat Board Panel Displays, are enclosed, viewable from one or two sides and are good for cemeteries with a small population, rural cemeteries or those without access to electricity. They are housed in attractive, durable casements or can be placed in existing structures.

These models would be good from churches would like to have message board outside of their church.

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Computer Digital Touchscreen Kiosks are the most advanced expandable and dynamic Directories. They are run from a computer housed inside the directory structure and use a flat panel Touchscreen display to navigate through the stored cemetery information.