Veteran Memorials

This Kiosk Memorial is designed to allow the public to learn about the Veterans that have served our great nation. Each system will be loaded with the information provided to us by the organization. The system is easy to use and has audio help available for those who need some assistance. This is a comparable web site that has the same general look and feel of the Kiosk Memorial.

How Our System Works

Welcome Screen

The Welcome Screen will be the first thing the public will see and will have a ticker to display a random veteran every 30 seconds. Each organization will be able to customize the left side of the welcome screen with their own slide show of whatever images they choose. Each image in the slide show can have its own title and description. This screen is also the jumping off point for all functions of this memorial. Here you can also listen to the 'Anthems of the Services'.

Memorial Information

The right side of the Home Screen is dedicated to information about the Memorial which consist of a Slide Show, Dedication Videos, Letters of Support, and News Articles all begin here. The Dedication Videos, Letters of Support, and News Articles can all be changed to fit the specific needs of each individual Memorial.

Veteran Search

Expanding the standard information displayed on the Search Screen, the Personal Memorial Screen reveals more detailed biographical information. A full motion video, such as a clip from a home movie, or audio clip can also be submitted for a quoted fee. The cemetery would receive a percentage of the fee charged, which could help to maintain the directory as well as provide a source of income.

Veteran Information

When a Veteran is selected, the system will display a breif overview of that Veteran for the user to see:
  • Name of Veteran
  • Photo of the Veteran (if available)
  • Which Service he/she served and which rank he/she attained
  • Short list of the Honors he/she has earned
  • When this Veteran Served
  • Short overview of the Bio Information