Veteran Memorial Software

Welcome Screen

The Welcome Screen will be the first thing your visitor will see and will have a ticker to display a random veteran every 15 seconds. The navigation for the memorial is along the bottom edge, standard features include: Service Anthems and Help Information.

Search System

The search system allows your visitors to find someone in a multitude of ways, besides the standard name search:

  • Medal
  • Branch of Service
  • Wars Served In
  • Rank
The results will display with a thumbnail of the Veteran (if available) and their Branch of Service emblem.

Veteran Information Display

When a Veteran is selected, the system will display a breif overview of that Veteran for the user to see:

  • Name of the Veteran
  • Photo of the Veteran (if available)
  • Which service they served in and rank attained
  • When and how long they served
  • Display of ribbons as they would appear on the rack
  • Short biography of the Veteran