Cemetery Memorial

This Kiosk Memorial is designed to allow the public to learn about the Veterans that have served our great nation. Each system will be loaded with the information provided to us by the organization. The system is easy to use and has audio help available for those who need some assistance. This is a comparable web site that has the same general look and feel of the Kiosk Memorial.

How Our System Works

Welcome Screen

When a visitor begins a search, the first screen that shows should feature something unique about your cemetery. This could be a photo of the main entrance, statuary, memorials, cemetery structures or historical images of the community. An audio guide will then talk the person through out the search process.

Search Screen

Following the welcome, the search screen appears and the audio guide continues to direct the visitor through the search process. This screen shows records stored in the system alphabetically as well as number of records found. When the desired record is located, a touch displays the plot information. If a photo is available, it will also be displayed as well. To find out more about someone, the "Additional Information" button can be used.

Personal Memorial Screen

Expanding the standard information displayed on the Search Screen, the Personal Memorial Screen reveals more detailed biographical information. A full motion video, such as a clip from a home movie, or audio clip can also be submitted for a quoted fee. The cemetery would receive a percentage of the fee charged, which could help to maintain the directory as well as provide a source of income.

Cemetery Map Screen

Touch the "Show Map Location" button at the bottom of the Personal Memorial Screen to view an overall map of the cemetery. The largest division of the cemetery such as block or section will show. It will be highlighted in blue and will have helpful directions to find the plot.